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Music-thingie copied from piru_cobain / wannabelg

1. Have your music library ready.
2. Choose one song from your music library whose title starts with the first letter (or number) of your screen name.
3. Repeat this process with each successive letter (or number) in your screen name until you run out of letters (or numbers).
4. Post up your results.
5. BONUS POINTS: Upload your mix (whether it's individual songs or a .zip of all the the songs) and include the mix in your post.

Destroy All by Static-X
Edge of the Earth by 30 Seconds to Mars
Little Angel by Charon

Read My Scars by Diablo
I'm Back by Dope
Opium of the People by Slipknot
Nothing's Forever by Entwine


So, these are not my abolute favorites, but... good ones! :D
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