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Del Rion [userpic]

Loyalty to Blood; Chapter 6: Led by a Shadow

July 1st, 2006 (05:15 pm)

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Story Info

Title: Loyalty to Blood
Author: Del Rion (delrion.mail (at) gmail.com)
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
Era: Third Age of the Sun
Genre: Action/Adventure, AU
Rating: M / FRM
Characters: Legolas, Thranduil (, OCs)
Summary: In the shadows of Mirkwood wander many things, and the closer to Dol Guldur you go, the more evil things get. But even in darkness other things may bloom – things such as loyalty and friendship. This is a story of a surprising camaraderie between two entirely different creatures. A story never again told in words by those who live: how did Legolas and Thaíly meet.
Part of the history of “The Last Journey”. Takes place right after “Prince of Dol Guldur”. Complete.
Warnings: Death, violence, darkness, evil etc.

~ ~ ~

Chapter 6: Led by a Shadow

Legolas blinked, his eyes clenching shut immediately as they encountered a bright light of a small fire beside him. Slowly he was able to open his eyes again, even if it hurt to look at the flames. The realisation hit him as his thoughts began to sort themselves out: he was still alive. Turning his head slightly he found the dark Man crouching beside him. Cool fingers touched his chest, and Legolas jolted back with a surprised whimper.

“Easy,” the other croaked. “We can do this in a two different ways: you let me tend your wound, or I will bind you down and tend it anyway.”

Legolas settled down, wary eyes watching the other’s each movement. The pain was beginning to return as well, but it was muddled by his raising fever. As a cloth wetted in a hot water washed over his wound he shut his eyes, agony washing over him. But stubbornly he kept still, forcing himself to be silent. There was no reason to reveal his weak state to the other…

The dark one actually smiled, seeing the youth’s silent struggle. There was indeed strength in the other, he had to give him that. But it was a waste of time and effort to hide such things from him. He was able to sense the other’s pain, feel the fever emanating from the ageless body, and smell the poisoned blood.

Though what puzzled him most, at the moment, was none of those. It was the evil. An Elf with a feel of Evil around him? Unheard of, the dark Man decided. But then again, here he is right before me, and there is no mistake in the sensations. There are shadows in this one. I wonder if that is the reason why he is going to south. Dol Guldur is near to that direction. But then again, he is far too disoriented to make such a decision. The fire cracked, the whispers increasing in the darkness. Black eyes watched the youth that was slowly falling back to unconsciousness, this riddle puzzling his mind. I have to get him to talk to me, he decided, standing up to find something to bind the wound with.

Legolas watched the other walk on the other side of the small clearing, kneeling beside a bag Legolas hadn’t noticed before. But he hadn’t noticed much else in the last previous days… He could have killed me easily, or left me alone. But instead he dragged me here, and tended my wound. Why? He was tempted to ask, but tiredness won over. It can wait until later, he decided, letting himself slip away from awareness.

- - -

“Why do you follow me?”

“Not your business.”

“Why did you help me?”

“You just should be happy I did so.”

“Why –” Legolas didn’t even bother to finish, the other’s expression revealing to him that he would not be any wiser after the answer. His mind seemed to be a bit clearer this morning, but he still couldn’t remember anything specific from his past. Nor about his destination. All he was aware was the name and vision of Dol Guldur. “What is your name?” he finally sighed, deciding to try his luck.


Legolas almost stumbled when he actually got an answer. He turned around, meeting the black, waiting eyes.

“Where I come from, it is polite to tell one’s name when another gives you his,” the dark-haired one stated.

“Where do you come from?” Legolas asked instead.

“Answer to me first.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“To me, it does. You know my name, so it is only fair you tell me yours.”

Legolas snorted, starting to walk again. But before he took another step, Thaíly stood right in front of him, black eyes narrowing dangerously. “I am not sure,” Legolas finally gulped, suddenly feeling very nervous. There was something in the other that made shivers run down his back.

“You are not sure of your name?” Thaíly did not laugh, but he didn’t seem to be far from it. Then his expression got thoughtful, understanding entering him. “You can’t remember much else, either, can you?”

“That is no problem of yours!” Legolas snapped, striding past the taller one.

Thaíly sighed, shaking his head. Then he turned after the other, his eyes observing the youth before him. He is clothed like any Woodland Elf. But there is something in him that speaks of a difference. Was he exiled because of this darkness? Nay, it can’t be. Young Elves are precious at these times, and Elves would do all in their power to save this one. So why is he here?

“Why do you still follow me?” the Elf snapped from ahead.

Because the darkness in you tempts me, Thaíly said to himself, but there was no way he would tell it to the youth. Not yet, at least. “It matters not. And you didn’t give me your possible name yet.”

“Legolas,” the Elf whispered, visibly tired to their game.

Thaíly halted, his mind mulling over the name he had just heard. Something in it sounded so terribly familiar. “ Thranduil’s son,” he finally came up with the answer, the truth shocking him. “You are the youngest Prince of Mirkwood.”

“That is what I guess I am,” Legolas replied unhappily. “Like I said, I am not sure. Now tell me where you are from.”

“From the other side of the mountains. From the land of Men there. As far as I can remember,” Thaíly said thoughtfully, starting after the other again. “Are you searching for Dol Guldur?” he asked then, wishing to know for sure.

“What if I am?” the youth threw back, trying to increase his pace.

“Because it bothers me. No Elf would go there willingly. And you are an Elf, of that I am sure.” With an unnatural darkness in you. Which is also the reason why I am still here: it draws me like a magnet. And it will do so to every evil creature you come across on your path. Which means you are dead within a day. “You cannot go to Dol Guldur,” he finally said aloud. “It is the least smart thing you can do.”

“But there are answers. I need the answers,” Legolas tried in vain, his face full of despair as he turned at Thaíly. “Don’t you understand? I must get there!”

“Answers to what?”

“I can’t remember,” Legolas whispered, and the shadows that passed his face at that moment froze even Thaíly’s blood.

to be continued…

Story Info