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Handling Pointy Things; Chapter 19: Dreamscape 2.0

Title: Handling Pointy Things
Author: Del Rion (delrion.mail (at)
Fandom: The Avengers & Iron Man (MCU)
Era: Post-Avengers movie, after “Blue Glow” fic.
Genre: Drama
Rating: M / FRM
Characters: Bruce Banner (Hulk), Clint Barton (Hawkeye), Jane Foster, Nick Fury, Happy Hogan, J.A.R.V.I.S., Darcy Lewis, Pepper Potts, James “Rhodey” Rhodes (War Machine), Steve Rogers (Captain America), Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow), Thor, Tony Stark (Iron Man)
Pairings: Bruce/Tony, Happy/Pepper, Jane/Thor (, Clint/Natasha, implied past Pepper/Tony)
Summary: It starts with a dream and ends with something that resembles strutting more than tiptoeing; in other words, Bruce has a new-found obsession with Tony, Tony finds that endearing and wants to take it further while everyone else – including Bruce – seems to think it might actually be a very bad idea.
Work in progress. Part of the “Turquoise” –series.
Warnings: Slash (m/m relationship) and some sexual content, past and current het (f/m), superheroes vs. villains violence, language.

~ ~ ~

Author’s notes: Written with spocktacular’s (AO3) comment in mind (she mentioned that Bruce’s sexy dreams needed to make a re-appearance, so here’s some of that).

Chapter 19: Dreamscape 2.0

Lying in bed, alone, while knowing that Tony was in the same building… Bruce hadn’t thought it would feel so weird.

He turned and twisted in the sheets, restless and deeply aware of how alone he was in the bed he had shared with Tony for weeks now. Briefly he wondered whether he should go back to his own room, seeing as perhaps Tony was staying away because of the sudden strain between them and Bruce didn’t want him to skip sleep because of that.

On the other hand, Bruce had been in the right, and he wasn’t backing down. Any self-respecting person would have told Tony the same – especially if they cared about him at all. That Tony didn’t take it well spoke of nothing but Tony’s unwillingness to accept defeat and take criticism, and the inability to keep himself away from unnecessary risk.

Sighing, Bruce closed his eyes and thought back to their argument down in Tony’s workshop. It was like watching a train wreck, over and over again; he could see where the discussion had started to go bad, Tony’s body language so obvious to him after all this time. Bruce had known he was pushing in the wrong direction but if he wanted to get his point across, there was no way around it.

And then he had used the one word he’d hoped to save for a moment that deserved it, not to throw it as a wrench in the works.

He could hardly take it back now, though, because Tony had caught it like a boomerang in the forehead.

Sighing again, Bruce wished Tony would cool off, come to bed and curl up next to him. There didn’t even need to be apologies of any kind – he could live without them – but he wanted and needed the other man here, with him, because without Tony…

Bruce was beginning to see how much his life had changed after they got involved, and it scared him.

Not as much as it made his chest ache with regret for what had just passed between them, but it had to be done.

It was hours before he fell asleep, still alone in bed…

- - -

He feels warm, like lying in the sun. The only source of light in the room isn’t the sun but the blue, familiar glow of the arc reactor. It should feel cold, to the touch, casting off its pale, lifeless light, but it doesn’t.

The arc reactor means life; a beating heart.

He lifts his hand, flesh glowing against the smooth surface of the device, and the chest it’s fixed into presses closer with a deep inhale. He can’t feel the thrum of his heart – not unless he moves his hand higher, to Tony’s throat – but he senses the constant whir of energy beneath the transparent surface, a comforting sensation he’s learned to cherish.

“Bruce…” Tony’s inner thighs brush firmly against his hips, knees against his lower ribs. The single word between them shatters Bruce’s resolve, if he had any of it left; he grasps, finding Tony’s neck, then hoists himself up, far enough to place an arm around Tony’s waist, to keep him still as he rolls them around.

Tony’s legs grip his waist, adjusting to the change in position.

Bruce is still so deep within him it almost blows his mind, yet he wants to be deeper, closer…

“Bruce,” Tony whispers again. The glow of the arc reactor doesn’t reach his face, but it catches his eyes for a moment; dark, wide, nailed on Bruce’s face.

It’s like a siren’s call and Bruce has to move. Hands fisting in the sheets next to Tony’s head, thumbs close enough to feel hair and skin, and if his balance weren’t already so precarious, he would move closer, touch him all over. He leans lower, moves forward, and Tony’s breaths ghost against his cheek. Hot and desperate; they both want this so much, need it, and the end looms close, overwhelming and –


Bruce’s eyes shot open and he groaned, one hand already moving down to his crotch. Part of him was amazed he hadn’t already blown his load all over the sheets and all he could do was struggle free of the sheets, make it to the bathroom and try not to make a mess.

Once the haze began to clear, Bruce leaned against an uncomfortably cool wall, blinking the last of the dream from his eyes. It had certainly been a while since those had assaulted him, and he wondered if the sudden lack of Tony’s presence had influenced him so fast – or was it coming from a deeper corner of his mind, the knowledge that he may have actually upset his lover?

As he pondered that, something very close to an explosion seemed to rock the entire building. There was no smoke, however, and the sound passed almost as fast as it came, making walls shiver and windows rattle in their frames.

“J.A.R.V.I.S.,” he called out, voice still groggy although his heart had picked up the pace from the scare.

“Yes, Dr. Banner?” the AI replied almost instantly.

“Is Tony still on the premises?”

“Mr. Stark left the Avengers Mansion approximately nineteen seconds ago. He’s currently headed to the Stark Tower.”

Well, it was better than Tony taking off, say, to Malibu. “Was he… is he upset?” Bruce asked.

“He seemed distressed in the aftermath of your argument.”

“I should go after him,” Bruce mused out loud. “Sort this out.”

“While I understand the logic behind that – and may I point out I agree with your sentiment about the potential dangers of the dual arc reactor function of the suit – it may be best to leave Mr. Stark alone for the time being. He’s known for outbursts he rarely means while upset.”

“Yeah,” Bruce closed his eyes and leaned more firmly against the wall. “Let me know when he’s calm enough to talk.”

“Very well, Dr. Banner.”

Bruce wondered if he should go back to bed, seeing as it was still night-time, or if he should perhaps take a page from Tony’s book and go do some work instead. After all, he doubted his dreams would be pleasant if he took another shot at sleeping – or maybe too pleasant, even if the latter left him feeling worse than most of his nightmares.

to be continued…

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Tags: character: bruce banner / hulk, character: j.a.r.v.i.s., character: tony stark / iron man, fandom: avengers (mcu), series: turquoise

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