Del Rion (del_rion) wrote,
Del Rion

love_bingo - round 3, card 1

My card for love_bingo's round three

songforyou feelings fathersday lostlove wearefamily dating familyties eroticism monogamy sayinggoodbye birthdaysanniversaries smitten wildcard canttakemyeyesoffofyou walkingonthebeach grandparents findinglove loveletter lovestory lovenest honeymoon wedding passion kittylove iwillalwaysloveyou

It remains to be seen how many stories I write for this one. Stay tuned ;)

Square: Song for You → Song For U
Square: Feelings → 10 Parables of Rapport - 6: Happy & Tony
Square: Father's Day → Macaroni Art and Chlorophyll Cake
Square: Lost love → Our Life Is a Journey
Square: We Are Family → 10 Parables of Rapport - 4: Steve & Tony

Square: Dating → Date Night Dictation
Square: Family ties → 10 Parables of Rapport - 8: Fury & Tony
Square: Eroticism → Performance Issues: Repaired
Square: Monogamy → Temperance in All Things (Even Revenge)
Square: Saying goodbye → 10 Parables of Rapport - 2: Clint & Tony

Square: Birthdays & Anniversaries → 10 Parables of Rapport - 1: Rhodey & Tony
Square: Smitten → 10 Parables of Rapport - 7: Bruce & Tony
Square: FREE SPACE (heart-shaped pednant & "I love you")→ 10 Parables of Rapport - 3: Pepper & Tony
Square: Can't Take my Eyes Off of You → In Your Hands
Square: Walking on the beach → 10 Parables of Rapport - 9: Natasha & Tony

Square: Grand parents → The Miracle of Creation
Square: Finding love → Building Blocks (of Love)
Square: Love letter → In Longhand
Square: Love story → Barricade, Citadel, Trench
Square: Love nest → 10 Parables of Rapport - 5: Thor & Tony

Square: Honeymoon → At Long Last
Square: Wedding → Bridal Bots
Square: Passion → The Recording
Square: Kitty love → Fluffy Feline Fascination
Square: I Will Always Love You → 10 Parables of Rapport - 10: DUM-E & Tony
Tags: project!

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