August 12th, 2013

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hc_bingo - round 4, card 1

My card for hc_bingo's round 4.

hcbingo asphyxiation extortion cultureshock fighting rejection electrocution nightmares falselyimprisoned feverdelirium torture forcedsoulbonding lostchildhood WILDCARD deage tentacles bites poltergeist explosion motionsickness partingways planecrash lossofvision lossofvoice insecurity timetravelgonewrong

Square: asphyxiation → Hypoxia
Square: rejection → Not Recommended

Square: nightmares → The Silence
Square: torture → Bloodlust

Square: bites → Bite-Sized
Square: parting ways → Goodbye and Welcome

Square: loss of vision → Typhlosis
Square: loss of voice → Quiet as the Grave
Square: insecurity → Altruist
Square: time travel gone wrong → Sickle-claws and Feathers