July 5th, 2013

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trope_bingo - round 2, card 1

My card for trope_bingo's round 2

meetthefamilyparents amnesia againstallodds aucollegehighscool telepathymindmeld fuckordie hurtcomfort secrettwindoppleganger chosenfamily transformations aualternategendernorms aufantasy freespace metafiction aualternateprofessions roadtrip friendstoloversfriendswithbenefits marraige auapocalypse mindcontrol celebratorykiss aumundane unrequitedlovepining fakerelationship ritesofpassagecomingofage

Square: meet the parents/family → A Meeting in a Workshop
Square: amnesia → Eradicate
Square: against all odds → Pitfall
Square: telepathy/mindmeld → Unrest

Square: hurt/comfort → Ghosts in the Machines
Square: secret twin/doppelganger → Iron Man on the Job
Square: chosen family → Propinquity

Square: au: alternae gender norms → World Acclimation
Square: FREE SPACE (used trope: au: fusion) → God Switch
Square: au: apocalypse → Engine 3

Square: friends to lovers / friends with benefits → Interim

Square: celebratory kiss → Victory Dance
Square: fake relationship → Date Falsification
Square: rites of passage / coming of age → Mettle, Pot and Kettle