May 18th, 2011

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Dracula Disorder (page 1/2)

Story Info

Title: Dracula Disorder

Author: Del Rion (delrion.mail (at)

Fandom: Heroes

Era: Post season 4

Genre: Action, drama

Rating: M / FRM

Characters: Peter Petrelli, Sylar (, Mohinder Suresh)

Summary: After briefly possessing a vampire-like ability, Peter and Sylar decide they have to find the man who originally gave Peter the bothersome power. Tracking him down won’t be that easy, however, and Sylar’s new heroic attitude will be put to the test.
Complete. Sequel to “Vampire Syndrome” and “Blood Spatter”.

Written for: Lauren (lornrocks @ LJ) because she requested/demanded/offered a great sum of money for a sequel to “Vampire Syndrome”. And as busy as I pretended to be, my brain decided this one was too good to pass up.

Warnings: Violence/gore/murder, language. Some mild, random spoilers for all seasons of Heroes.

Beta: Mythra

Disclaimer: The show, its characters, its places, and everything else, belong to Tim Kring and the other respective creators and owners of ‘Heroes’. I have made no profit by writing this story, and make no claim over the show.

Feedback: The good, the bad, the ugly – as long as it’s fair, keep it coming.

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