May 17th, 2008

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Question: PDA and writing "offline"

I just began to wonder this morning... and decided to ask the clever people on my flist, since you might have an idea about what I want.

When I'm not in front of my computer, I plan and write on paper. Some stories (usually the short ones though) have been written on paper, and later re-written on my comp. Anyone who does that knows how much it can piss a person off, not to mention my fingers really don't agree with long hours of pen-writing anymore :S

Anyway... Is there a device in this world of technology that could help me out? I was browsing the web and found PDA's, but they are made for a lot of things other than just word processing, and they don't have a keyboard, which would be easier for typing up a lot of text.

Now, if there is a small and nice device like that somewhere (it doesn't have to have internet access, of course, it could be solely made for word processing...). Is there such a thing existing? :S

If so, leave me a note ^^ (I thought that asking you first might be smarter than go out there and try to explain it to the sales people :D