December 31st, 2007

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What is your 'catch'?

I suddenly began to wonder, while writing a smutty scene...

When I read an erotic scene, there are certain little details I like more than others. I bet everyone has those.

My favorite line, probably (in one form or another), is: "he pushed his thighs apart".
Thighs, legs... Lol, whatever, as long as the idea is there. I have no idea why I like that so much, and find it appealing. Maybe it is the idea of force and forcing, dominance and slightly unwilling submission, though this necessarily has nothing to do with non-con.

If I have to pick a "scene", that would have to be: rimming.
I don't know why. There is only that much you can write about it, but... *shrug*

What about YOU? What are your favorites?