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Influence; Chapter 6: Fading Dream

Story Info

Title: Influence
Author: Del Rion (delrion.mail (at)
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
Era: Third Age of the Sun
Genre: Action/Adventure, AU, Angst
Rating: M / FRM
Characters: Legolas, Thranduil (, OCs)
Summary: Dark creatures get even closer to Thranduil’s stronghold – with fatal consequences. Legolas witnesses death for the first time in his life, but when a terrible accident faces the royal family, the pain of the youngest is easily forgotten.
Part of the history of “The Last Journey.” Takes place a few years after “Guardian”. Complete.
Warnings: Character’s death, evil, darkness, violence, etc.

~ ~ ~

Chapter 6: Fading Dream

Legolas slipped into his room, glad that he had been able to sneak this far without being noticed. Now that the warriors were hunting the enemy in the south and the rest of the Elves were still mourning or resting, there had been no one in the corridors. At the moment, Legolas didn’t feel like explaining his absence to anyone. He didn’t know where that feeling came, but he didn’t ponder that too much. He was tired and wished to go to sleep.

Yawning, Legolas stripped his clothes quickly, slipping between the cool sheets. Sighing happily, he drifted into a warm, dreamless sleep. As soon as the Elfing had fallen asleep, the shadows of his room shifted, soft noises like voices filling the air. But Legolas slept undisturbed, and when the dawn approached, the shadows faded, leaving no sign of their existence.

- - -

Rafél rushed along the corridor, his eyes sparkling with both fury and worry. He had arrived back to the palace only moments ago, just to be informed by one of the healers that the young Prince had been away from his room all day and night. No one had seen him after the funerals. As Rafél counted it, he had been the last to see Legolas.

Swearing again with devotion, Rafél turned around a corner, willing the gods that Legolas would be in his room. If he wasn’t… Rafél had no actual desire to tell the King – or his sons – that Legolas was missing. But before he would be forced to do that he would hang the healer he had ordered to look after Legolas.

Reaching the Prince’s room Rafél drew a long breath, opening the door with mounting apprehension. If Legolas had been missing the entire night, why he would have returned after the healer’s last check?

Entering the room, Rafél glanced at the bed, his legs nearly giving out in a rush of relief. Legolas slept peacefully in his bed; the slow rise and fall of his chest comforting Rafél beyond measure. The guardian walked slowly to the bed, sitting at its edge carefully, fondling Legolas hair gently. Legolas shifted, sighing in his sleep, making Rafél smile. He never grew tired of watching Legolas sleep. Legolas seemed to be well, peaceful in his sleep. Pushing back a tendril of hair, Rafél frowned, noticing the scratches on the pale cheek. They we some hours old and already healing, but they awoke new questions in Rafél’s mind.

Where had Legolas been? What had he been doing?

As if disturbed by the other Elf’s thoughts, Legolas blinked, his eyes focusing from their hazy state, a small yawn creeping to his face. He turned his head, noticing Rafél beside him. A smile spread the Prince’s features, his eyes shining.

“Good morning,” Rafél said, smiling himself.

Legolas looked at the direction of the widows, as if wondering that it was already morning. “Morning…” he mumbled.

“You gave me quite a shock,” Rafél continued. “Where were you all day yesterday, and most of the night? The healers couldn’t find you.”

Legolas gave Rafél a blank look, his frown deepening. Now as Rafél asked it, he couldn’t remember what he had been doing yesterday. “I was in your rooms…” Legolas started and then fell silent, knowing that he had left Rafél’s rooms soon after the warrior. Where had he been? Not in his rooms, for there the healers would have checked first.

“Yes, I left you there, but after that none saw you – until I now,” Rafél pressed, irritated by Legolas’ behaviour. The youth truly looked as if he had no memory himself, but how could that be?

“I… I can’t remember,” Legolas said, shifting uncomfortably under Rafél’s hard stare.

Rafél had no other choice but to believe Legolas. He didn’t think that Legolas would lie to him of such a matter. But Legolas has been through a lot during the last few days. I have myself put him aside for my duties to defend the Realm, instead of thinking what he may need. Such amount of sorrow for this young is not healthy, and Legolas has borne his grief alone. I am not the person to mend all his wounds, even if I can help in that: for that task belongs to his father. I must speak with Thranduil, or else we have soon lost both mother and child.

Rafél smiled at Legolas, the fake joy never reaching his eyes. “You may sleep for a while still: it is still early. I have few tasks to do, but we shall see on the breakfast, right?”

Legolas nodded happily. “Yes, we will.”

With a nod, Rafél rose, giving Legolas’ forehead a kiss and then exited. He had to find his King, and wake him from the dream of sorrow where he had dwelled ‘till now. If nothing else, Legolas needed his father.

Rafél halted at the door, glancing back at Legolas who had already drifted into a sleep, as if thoroughly exhausted. When Rafél turned to close the door a movement caught his eye, but when he turned to look back into the room, his eyes met only shadows in a corner. Frowning, Rafél closed the door, his mind already elsewhere.

to be continued…

Story Info
Tags: character: legolas, fandom: the lord of the rings, series: the journey

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