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Meliora; Chapter 5: Olympias' Defeat

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Title: Meliora
Author: Del Rion (delrion.mail (at)
Fandom: Alexander the Great
Era: Spanning the years between 342–323 B.C.
Genre: Romance, drama
Rating: M / FRM
Characters: Alexander, Hephaistion (Bagoas, Olympias, Roxane and several others mentioned)
Pairing: Alexander/Hephaistion
Summary: Through the years and across the miles, one man held Alexander’s heart.
Work in progress.
Warnings: Sexual situations between two men (slash), description of violence, brutality, war and death.

~ ~ ~

Chapter 5: Olympia’s Defeat

Egypt, 332 B.C.

Whenever a messenger arrived, there were letters for Alexander; reports of their progress, news from home – and too often a letter from his mother. As much as Alexander loved her, it felt like he never got far enough away to escape her reach…

The letter he had just received was no different than any of the others: she demanded for him to come home, that he should strengthen his grip in Macedonia and Greece. That he should have a pure-blooded Macedonian heir by now.

Every time she made that last request, Alexander could not help but close his eyes and try not to crush the piece of parchment in his hands. And every time Hephaistion walked in while or after he read her letter, it reminded Alexander of the moment when Olympias had voiced her concern for the first time back in Macedonia; that the girls were saying that Alexander liked Hephaistion better. How right she had been, and still was, in so many ways…

Macedonia, a few years before…

Alexander marched out of his mother’s rooms, his steps long, carrying him through hallways in a hurried pace. He wanted to run, to put distance between himself and her words. How much hate was in her, so much doubt… so much malice when she spoke of Alexander and Hephaistion’s love for each other.

She did not understand. She never had, and Alexander had the dawning suspicion she never would.

Well, he did not need her to understand.

He walked down to the stables where Hephaistion was sitting, waiting for him. They had agreed to go riding today, but knowing that Alexander had gone to see his mother, Hephaistion had clearly been prepared to wait. It was amazing how Olympias could always drag out their conversations and make Alexander want to leave even worse than he wanted to see her.

Hephaistion looked up as he walked into the shade of the stables and narrowed his eyes a bit, looking at his face. “You seem troubled.”

Alexander nodded half-heartedly, looking at his best friend; the only person he could trust with his darkest fears and deepest secrets. He would tell Hephaistion of his most recent discussion with his mother – he always told him about her words. Hephaistion would not get offended, he knew. He loved Alexander, and would support him, understanding the pain his mother’s words caused him.

He did not want to speak of it now, though, so he walked up to Bucephalus and mounted. Hephaistion did not ask him to speak; he followed his example and mounted his own horse, following Alexander outside and into the piercing sunlight.

Alexander led them down a winding path, then chose a less used one, taking them up a gentle slope and further away from the buildings. Hephaistion followed him diligently. The sun was high and intensely hot, yet Alexander rode on without pause until they reached a more sheltered spot, the sounds of the city far behind them. He dismounted, even though they had thought of riding further out, and Hephaistion followed his example once more, perhaps thinking Alexander wanted to take a break. Their horses clearly needed one, seeking out a nearby stream of water.

After the horses were safely secured, the two of them took a drink as well. Alexander gulped down the water greedily, spilling some down his chin and chest, where it was almost uncomfortably cold on his sun-warmed skin. His eyes then turned to Hephaistion, who, like in all things, was taking his time, observing their surroundings while he drank. He was thirsty, but still he did not rush into it.

Those blue eyes moved to meet Alexander’s after a moment, lowering his water skin and giving him a questioning look; waiting for Alexander to speak, to unburden himself. That was all his mother wanted him to do with Hephaistion, and perhaps not even that; she wanted to be the one to know the secrets of his mind, because they were of the same blood. Unlike his father, she had begun to say. Unlike all others but the two of them and Zeus, whom she claimed was his true father.

Alexander would never know the answer to that, but he knew that of all the people in the world, Hephaistion was the one who would always hold his heart, and the secrets within it; the burning fire of his dreams and lust.

“Your mother’s words have wounded you,” Hephaistion ventured.

“Not as much as my actions will wound her for the rest of her life, for she has chosen not to respect what I hold dear,” Alexander swore, then stepped over to his friend and grabbed him fiercely, pulling him down to the ground with him. Their love for each other ablaze, their mouths met, and although Hephaistion seemed somewhat shocked by the forwardness of his actions, he did not fight him. They were, after all, of one mind – something Alexander doubted would ever happen with anyone else.

No woman his mother approved of could ever be his equal, his other half, the missing part of his soul that made him complete.

And he wondered if any woman could ever awaken his spirit like Hephaistion did.

to be continued…

Story Info
Tags: character: alexander, character: hephaistion, fandom: alexander the great

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