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Heroes of Tomorrow -1- Siren Call

Story Info

Title: Heroes of Tomorrow

Author: Del Rion (delrion.mail (at)

Fandom: Heroes

Era: Post season 4

Genre: Action, drama

Rating: M / FRM

Characters: Claire Bennet, Noah Bennet, Edgar, Ando Masahashi, Hiro Nakamura, Peter Petrelli, Micah Sanders, Mohinder Suresh, Sylar, Molly Walker (+ various other Heroes characters)

Summary: The road from hero to superhero isn’t easier or less bumpy than the one from citizen to becoming a hero in the first place. With the will of the many and injustice to fight, there are those who will stand up and do what others cannot – whether it means saving the world, or getting burned while trying.
Work in progress.

Pairing: Peter/Sylar

Warnings: Violence, slash (m/m).

Beta: Mythra (mythras_fire)

Disclaimer: The show, its characters, its places, and everything else, belong to Tim Kring and the other respective creators and owners of ‘Heroes’ and ‘Heroes’ comics. I have made no profit by writing this story, and make no claim over the show/comics.

Feedback: The good, the bad, the ugly – as long as it’s fair, keep it coming.

About Heroes of Tomorrow: A project I’ve been planning for a bit: the main idea is to throw some of our heroes back together and have them save the world, bit by bit (something the cancellation of the show deprived us of).

The chapters/parts are linked together, but it remains to be seen how tightly/loosely they fit together. Some of them might be written for challenges, others spawned from random ideas.

This is my first multi-chapter work in Heroes fandom, and I haven’t planned it too far ahead, so anything can happen (however, Peter/Sylar lovers: there will be something for you in here).

Story and its status: Below you see the writing process of the story. If there is no text after the title after the chapter’s name, then it is finished and checked. Possible updates shall be marked after the title.

-1- Siren Call
-2- Firemen and Super-moms
-3- Houseguest (Mis)understanding
-4- Good Times
-5- The R-Word
-6- Discrimination

~ ~ ~

Written for Heroes_Contest’s (heroes_contest) One-shot Challenge 28 (Sigmund Freud).
Author’s notes: First part in a multi-part story “Heroes of Tomorrow” that I’ve been planning for a bit. We’ll see how long it becomes, and how connected/unconnected the chapters are, but this is a chance to start it, so why not?

Siren Call

The silhouette of Mohinder Suresh’s body faded as the lights of the lecture hall were turned on again.

“For our next lecture, please review the chapters we went over today, and I expect those essays to be on my desk by Tuesday,” Mohinder told the class that seemed almost more interested in packing their things than listening to their teacher’s demands concerning homework assignments.

Sylar smiled, leaning against the wall near the door. He waited there as students filed out, some of them stepping forward to talk to Mohinder, and after even the most persistent one of them had exited the door, Sylar pushed away from the wall and walked down.

Mohinder was busy putting his notes in order and didn’t even notice someone was there – or he had noticed, but thought it would be another student who wanted to have an extra word with him.

“You look like Sigmund Freud out there, only with more hair and tan,” Sylar commented.

Mohinder looked up sharply, shoulders suddenly tense. He tried to force himself to relax, but didn’t seem to be able to do it quite as effectively as he would have wished. “Well, I would assume that if I was anything like Sigmund Freud, my lessons would be drawing more interested young minds.”

Sylar chuckled. “I guess no one understands the great minds during their own lifetime.”

Mohinder didn’t reply. Instead he kept staring at Sylar, as if expecting him to say or do something. When he didn’t, Mohinder had to come up with something instead: “Where’s Peter?”

Sylar raised an eyebrow at him. “Contrary to popular belief, we’re not joined at the hip.” Mohinder kept staring at him, though, refusing to be the one to speak up next, so Sylar just shrugged. “He’s off with Hiro, doing… something. It happened a bit too quickly for me to understand, but it sounded urgent.”

“And you’re here, why?” Mohinder asked. “Make it fast. I don’t have much time before my next class comes in.”

“I’m here to present you with a chance to participate.”

“Participate in what?”

“Whatever needs to be participated in,” Sylar shrugged, sitting down on Mohinder’s desk which seemed to annoy the man somewhat. “We’re revisiting our friends, gauging their interest in participating in acts of common good. In other words, to play hero.”

Mohinder gave him a hard look. “I’m done with that.”

“Many people feel like that at first, but when the day comes that you’re the only one who can make a difference, can you really walk away from it?” Sylar mused.

Knowing that Mohinder was unwilling at best to join any kind of superhero antics, Sylar knew better than to press the matter. He had made his point, placed the small seed of thought in Mohinder’s mind, and hopefully it would start to grow into something greater…

“I need to go,” Sylar said, standing up. Mohinder looked a bit stricken that he was being let go so easily. Sylar turned and walked back up towards the door.

“I’m not going along with this!” Mohinder called after him. “Not again. I’m done with that life.”

Sylar just smiled to himself, not bothering to tell Mohinder that once a time came that he could play a hero in a way no one else could… when he could make an actual difference… he would grasp it. He was too good of a person not to.

Once out in the yard of the university, he sought out a secluded spot, made sure no one was looking, then shot into the air.

- - -

After India, New York City was almost quiet. Flying undetected was a bit harder, but Sylar had grown pretty good at that and managed to get to Peter’s apartment without being caught by anyone who would actually believe they saw a flying man; even after Claire’s stunt on TV, the world was still somewhat in denial.

He had gotten a little supper started when Peter and Hiro appeared in the living room, then Hiro bowed and disappeared right after.

Peter seemed a bit dazed and sat heavily on the nearest chair.

“How was your trip?” Sylar asked pleasantly from the kitchen.

“Fine,” Peter replied, “I guess.” He seemed a bit confused. “I think Hiro might be moving a bit fast, but Micah is really excited we’re in on this…” He sighed and leaned back, closing his eyes, then after a while he sat up and glanced at a piece of paper nailed to the wall; Hiro had put it there before he and Peter first left, and unlike what he had told Mohinder, Sylar had heard enough of Hiro and Peter talking to know what was going on. “I need to go and see Mohinder. I promised I would handle him, but I don’t think he’s going to jump for joy. He’s too important not to ask, though…” Peter mused.

“Don’t worry about it,” Sylar said brightly. “I already asked him.”

“What?” Peter jumped a bit, then frowned. “When?”

Sylar glanced at the clock. “Some ten hours ago.”

Peter was still frowning, but leaned back against the chair again. “Well, that’s… nice.”

“I thought I could help, and knew that of all the people on that list of yours, he’s the one you’re going to leave for last because he’s most likely to say no.”

“So what did he say?”

“Well, he took it pretty badly, but I think I got through to him,” Sylar smiled. “A hero is always a hero.”

Peter chuckled. “I’m not sure if that’s enough with him… Not after he hears that Hiro wants us to wear uniforms.”

It was not the kind of thing Sylar wanted to think about. “I’m not going to run around wearing spandex,” he informed the other man.

“I’m sure he wasn’t thinking of spandex, but I have to admit, hiding our identities might be a good idea,” Peter mused, then sniffed. “Is that food I smell?”

“Yes,” Sylar told him and walked over to the kitchen to get them some. Even heroes needed some kind of normalcy in their lives, be it supper or breakfast. Besides, with Hiro moving the pieces, it wouldn’t take long before they had their hands full saving the world, one small good deed at a time.

to be continued…
Tags: character: mohinder suresh, character: peter petrelli, character: sylar / gabriel gray, fandom: heroes

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