Del Rion (del_rion) wrote,
Del Rion

News: Original fiction terminated

I have made the decision to stop writing original fiction, and shall also delete the two fics from all my archives that I’ve managed so far. I had big plans for that series, but I find no time to execute said ideaa, and besides, looking at it years after originally planning and writing it, the series wouldn’t have been all that original in the end (then again, what is when it comes to sci-fi and fantasy?)

I want to focus on fan fiction in all of its forms (under this author name anyway; I have plenty of original project undergoing elsewhere). Thank you to everyone who enjoyed my original works, and took the time to read and review them!

(The poems and “songs” I’ve written won’t be removed, although I think I have to take time one of these days to go over them. After all, they are completely unbetaed, and my language skills are evolving all the time…)


- Del Rion

Tags: news

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