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Del Rion [userpic]

Heroes fans, explain this to me!

April 18th, 2010 (05:21 pm)

I watched "The Wall" and "Brave New World" since I'm kind of planning my heroes_bigboom fic, and a detail caught my attention (how I didn't react to this first time I saw the episode, I don't know):

In "Brave New World", Peter flies at Samuel. Noah and Claire even talked about it (Noah: And all the other stuff-- Claire: The flying, the rumbling--), so it really happened. How is that possible with Peter's current power? After all, since "The Wall" he's had Parkman's ability, and after the flight, he takes Samuel's power.

Sure, he could have hooked up with West again, but... what is the likelihood of that? Did Sylar possibly have an ability to fly that he could have taken?

Of course, I would rather like to think that his original power is finally returning.

And while we're talking about Peter and his powers: why hasn't he ever taken Sylar's one true power? Is it because of the hunger, as we saw on third season? As we also saw there, Sylar was capable of same kind of empathy as Peter, which didn't require him to get all touchy-feely with the brain to know how it works...

Oh well, either way, maybe the creators of the show made a big error on Peter's abilities, or forgot to tell us about another possibility. :P


Posted by: game_byrd (game_byrd)
Posted at: October 18th, 2010 07:59 pm (UTC)

This is like forever late, but one of the writers of the show said that Sylar had absorbed flight from Nathan. They did not explain when or how. It is my feeling that his IA had somehow morphed to where he could take abilities by touch, as he clearly took shape-shifting without cutting open the guy's head.

So if Sylar had flight from Nathan, then he had flight while he was visiting Matt in /California/. When Sylar and Peter left Matt's house, I assume Peter took flight from Sylar and they flew back to New York together. I mean - how else did they get back? It explains why Peter had flight at the start of the Samuel fight.

My pet theory:
Sylar empathizes with death. Gabriel is, after all, the Angel of Death. He can take powers when he kills someone, regardless of digging in their brain (Nathan, James, others). He can take powers when he empathizes with someone over the death of another (Elle and... Peter).

When Peter confronted Sylar at the hospital (The Fifth Stage) and beat the crap out of him, there are certain parallels between that and Elle electrocuting him. Peter had full physical contact with him. Now it's not clear exactly when Peter stopped neutralizing abilities, but it was Sylar changing shape into Nathan that made Peter breathe a big sigh of relief - I'd guess that was when he dropped it. Which means that Sylar changed shape *while* neutralized. The only way I can work out that he did that is if he gained Peter's ability while they were touching, along with the ability Peter was holding at the time (if he gained Peter's ability, then it follows that he'd gain the ability Peter was holding, because Arthur's draining gained him all of Peter's abilities). Then the two nullifications cancelled out, leaving Sylar free to change shape.

Of course, this introduces a philosophical shift, where now the "Nathan" Peter tries to talk into staying with him is actually Sylar, pretending. Or Sylar with his memories slowly resurfacing, if we assume that for some reason his regeneration doesn't bring his memories back as fast as Peter's did in Season 2.

I don't dismiss this as a possibility, because after dropping him off the roof, Sylar could go back to beat up on Peter, but obviously he changes his mind. He leaves Peter alone after that.

If this pet theory is true, then he takes off with Peter's ability (and perhaps that's the real meaning of that salute as he walks off - "Hahah. I got your ability. Sucker."). Then when he visits Lydia, he gains her ability through absorbing it with Peter's one-slot power.

It's a theory. Feel free to poke holes in it. I realize it's a bit flimsy, but the canon seems riddled with plotholes too.


As for why Peter never took Sylar's true ability, I'd guess it was concern about the Hunger.

Posted by: Del Rion (del_rion)
Posted at: October 21st, 2010 01:25 pm (UTC)
Zachary Quinto

Took me a few reads to get to the bottom of this XD Mostly because I didn't have time to really get into it...

This is the thing with Heroes: theories fly. One is just about as good as the next - mostly because the show "forgets" what it has already created. Like Sylar using empathy to get abilities without closer inspection of the operating parts of the brain.

Good theories. No reason to poke holes in them ;)

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