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Del Rion [userpic]

Writer's Block: What is your muse?

October 13th, 2009 (10:57 am)

If you're trying to create something, like a story, a composition, or a design, etc., do you find yourself imagining how others will react to it? Does that impede or enhance the creative process?

I very rarely think about the possible reactions of the readers. What I think about the fic in process/planning is far more important. People either like or dislike the result, I can hardly change that (unless, of course, the issue is the style, not the content; there is no excuse for bad grammar and typos XD).

I've written for myself for so long that it's hard to imagine I would ever write what someone else wants. Sure, it could be challenging, or nice in case mine and that person's interests are the same, but... You should always write what you think is worth the shot, or what you feel like writing.


Posted by: 20secondstomars (20secondstomars)
Posted at: October 13th, 2009 11:57 am (UTC)

If I try to create something, I do consider the reactions of the readers, like
* is what the character does reasonable?
* would the reader understand their actions?
* would they find an action repelling? (that may also be a reason, I'd include a part rather than not writing it)
I'd like the readers to be able to imagine the situation I am describing and maybe think about it.

I've only written one story for someone else. It was my banana story... for kit84 because in a conversation she mentioned her foodsmut-phobia and gave me an example. Then she wrote a foodsmut-story to get over her phobia, but didn't use the banana, telling me she left it for me. So I took the clue and wrote a story for her. I liked the end result, but maybe she didnt (the story is rather PG15 than NC-17) Oh well. Nevertheless, as I said, I like the story very much. I think its one of my better ones, and I am very glad she gave me that "prompt".


Posted by: Del Rion (del_rion)
Posted at: October 13th, 2009 12:17 pm (UTC)
Jared 21 (young)

Yeah, I've written a few stories on request/prompt... but I still write it the way I would, and not necessarily in a way the person might like it best ^^ I guess I'm not comfortable with stepping out of my own comfort circle :P

The things above... I always want to be true to the characters, so I write that aspect for myself and not the readers... Also, if something out-of-character or AU happens, I want it to be smooth, reasonable transition from the original concept because otherwise it wouldn't make sense to me either. So, looking at it like that, we do the same things, but you're kind enough to view it from the reader's perspective :D

Posted by: elpisofhope (elpisofhope)
Posted at: October 14th, 2009 03:24 am (UTC)

Very interesting posting... I am all with you on the focus of a story being on the storyline and content... if one can find their senses come alive (smell, touch, feel, hear, see, et al) from reading one's story then it is a success.. I agree with issues with bad grammer and typos but we are all human and errors do happen... writing is an open world of endless possibilities... it is literally a world the author creates and we as the readers are just vistors...

Posted by: Del Rion (del_rion)
Posted at: October 14th, 2009 04:56 am (UTC)
Jared 15 (white)

Yup, it is enjoyable to read something you can "see"; I don't like page-long description of scenery and such, but when the details are laid out well and distinctly, it's smooth sailing from start to finish, or something...

I agree with issues with bad grammer and typos but we are all human and errors do happen...
True. As someone with second-language-English, I've had to get used to the idea that I'll never be able to write correctly. Doesn't stop me from trying, though. As long as the mistakes are so few that they don't stand in the way of the reading experience, I guess I have to be happy with that.

Posted by: elpisofhope (elpisofhope)
Posted at: October 14th, 2009 05:39 am (UTC)

I agree.. shame on those who read with a red pen in hand ready to correct each error that comes across them... its all about the whole package ... if you can walk away reading a story feeling entertained and for a moment able to forget reality - then by the Ancient Gods it was a damn good story!!

Posted by: Del Rion (del_rion)
Posted at: October 14th, 2009 06:00 am (UTC)
Jared 17 (standing desert bw)

Lol, oh yes.

Although, I must admit.. I get incredibly stressed when I know there are errors in my writing... but that's just me, knowing and hoping I could do better.

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