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Guardian; Chapter 7: First Day

Story Info

Title: Guardian
Author: Del Rion (delrion.mail (at)
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
Era: Third Age of the Sun
Genre: Drama, Action/Adventure (“AU”)
Rating: T / FRT
Characters: Legolas, Thranduil (, OCs)
Summary: Soon after Legolas’ birth, there was a bodyguard chosen for him, as had been the custom in the royal family. But how was Rafél chosen to this task, and did he accept his new duty immediately and without hesitating? How did the young Prince of Mirkwood receive his guardian? And most of all, how did they befriend and grew inseparable…
Part of the history of “The Last Journey”. Complete.
Warnings: Violence, mentioning of death.

~ ~ ~

Chapter 7: First Day

Two years later

Rafél walked through a narrow path on the forest floor, his movements making as much noise as a passing of a wind. His cloak hid him to the shades of the trees, their song greeting him as he passed. He smiled, reaching out to touch a rough bark as he passed, telling the trees that he could not linger with them now. As the trees asked why, his answer was plain: this was going to be his first day in his new duty. Today, he would begin as Legolas’ guardian. Trees, easily sensing his good mood, sang with new joy.

“Ai, Rafél, wait!” a voice called from above him, and Mîrfanya joined him, dropping from the branches. “I heard it is you big day today,” he grinned, clasping hands with the other.

“It is indeed,” Rafél admitted. “Though I cannot say I am not nervous: my last missions have kept me away from Realm for some time, and I haven’t got a chance to see the Prince for a while.”

“Which one of them?” another voice joined, and laughing Aduifan joined to them from the treetops.

“You know well,” Mîrfanya glanced at the other. “It will go well,” he added to Rafél. “I am sure you are both as nervous, you and Legolas.”

“Don’t take this first day too seriously, or the next few. Things will fall to their places soon enough,” Aduifan agreed.

“I have to remember that,” Rafél said, smiling. “But, I must be on my way, if I do not wish to be late.”

“Of course. We shall hear of you, hopefully,” Aduifan snickered, and the other guardians departed back to trees.

Shaking his head, Rafél continued on, passing by a training field. He stopped to watch, noticing that both Tirifëa and Lossaurion were among the warriors. Laugher filled the clearing, and one of the warriors shot his arrow, hitting a target. Lossaurion was shooting next, his hit missing the other’s arrow with a mere inch.

Looking at the older Princes’, Rafél felt some of his worries fall away. Teaching one more Prince could not be overly complicated. With these thoughts, he continued on, reaching the palace soon.

Entering the hall where Thranduil usually held his councils, Rafél found the King and Queen already waiting. And between them stood a small Elfling, his face covered with signs of displeasure. When Rafél entered, the child’s blue eyes rose to see him and were then turned away again.

Thranduil stepped forward to meet Rafél, his face troubled. “He seems to be having a bad day,” the King said quietly.

“I do not!” a small but clear voice declared behind him.

Thranduil winced, glancing at Rafél apologetically. “I truly hoped this day to be different, but he has seemingly decided to play difficult…”

“I have not! You are being difficult…”

“Legolas, do not shout. It is rude,” Galenrosiel told her son sternly, making Legolas sulk in silence that would have been nearly amusing if the situation would have been any other.

“I think we shall manage,” Rafél assured, not sure if he was trying to convince himself or the parents. Galenrosiel nodded, and Thranduil merely grunted.

“If there is trouble, send him to us. It is not necessary for you to look after him when he is like that, especially as this is your first day together.”

“I do not want to go with him, Ada,” Legolas announced rather loudly.

“Yes, you will go with him. End of discussion,” Thranduil whirled around to say to his son, who pouted at him angrily. “Now would you be so kind and behave. You are a Prince, after all.”

“Just let us know if you need anything,” Galenrosiel said softly, then let go of Legolas’ shoulder and left the hall with Thranduil.

Legolas stared at Rafél suspiciously, still pouting.

Rafél shifted, clearing his throat. “So, what would you like to do, my Prince?”

Legolas stared at him still, small hands crossed over his chest as a display of stubbornness. Then, gracefully as anything, Legolas stuck out his tongue at the older Elf and turned his back at Rafél.

Sighing, Rafél crossed the room, circling around Legolas to stand in front of him. Thinking that being on the same level with him would calm Legolas, Rafél crouched down to his heels, staring at the youth before him. “Now, what would you like to do?”

Legolas glanced at him, blue eyes wary. “I do not want to be with you.” And then, with a quickness of an Elfling, he launched forward, small but strong hands easily knocking Rafél over to his back. Without wasting a moment, Legolas shot out of the door, leaving stunned Rafél stare after him from his place on the floor.

Groaning, Rafél rose up, deciding that his task with Legolas would not be as easy as he had expected. Then he rushed out of the room, preparing for a hunt of an Elfling.

to be continued…

Story Info
Tags: character: legolas, character: thranduil, fandom: the lord of the rings, series: the journey

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