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Guardian; Chapter 6: Accepting Duty

Story Info

Title: Guardian
Author: Del Rion (delrion.mail (at)
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
Era: Third Age of the Sun
Genre: Drama, Action/Adventure (“AU”)
Rating: T / FRT
Characters: Legolas, Thranduil (, OCs)
Summary: Soon after Legolas’ birth, there was a bodyguard chosen for him, as had been the custom in the royal family. But how was Rafél chosen to this task, and did he accept his new duty immediately and without hesitating? How did the young Prince of Mirkwood receive his guardian? And most of all, how did they befriend and grew inseparable…
Part of the history of “The Last Journey”. Complete.
Warnings: Violence, mentioning of death.

~ ~ ~

Chapter 6: Accepting Duty

Few days later

“My Lord?” A servant opened the door of Thranduil’s rooms, bowing quickly to the royal couple. “Lord Rafél is asking to be allowed to speak to you. I am not sure of the subject of his request.”

“Please, show him in,” Thranduil said, rising from his place on a soft couch where he had sat with Galenrosiel. Rafél was shown in, and the door was closed behind him.

“My King, Queen,” Rafél bowed, hand upon his heart.

“Please, sit,” Thranduil beckoned, and Rafél did, his movements somewhat nervous.

“Have you decided?” Galenrosiel asked before Thranduil was able to stop her.

With a warm smile, Rafél nodded. “I have. I thought long, even if I am sure you would have given me more time than this. But such an amount of time would have been needless. The choice itself was rather easy, when I finally reached it.”

“And it is..?” Thranduil asked, not sure what he wanted to hear.

“I accept, if you would have my service.”

A smile of both joy and relief washed over Galenrosiel’s face, and Thranduil sighed carefully. He had not expected anything, really, but he felt more comfortable now that the matter was solved.

“I am glad,” Galenrosiel said, rising up from her place. “Would you like to see him? It is time for him to wake anyway.”

Not being able to say no, Rafél rose and followed the Queen to another room, stopping to a side of an elegant cradle. In it slept one of the most beautiful creatures Rafél had ever seen. Small hand clutched the soft blanket, the other resting beside the golden head. The beautiful blue eyes were hazy with dreams, open as Elven eyes always in sleep. Galenrosiel smiled, caressing her child’s face adoringly. Thranduil also appeared to the room, a proud smile on his face. He circled around to his wife, taking her into his embrace, his own eyes running over the sleeping form.

With a soft sigh, Legolas woke, the big blue eyes blinking. A smile curved the child’s mouth, a soft sound escaping from him. Reaching up with his hands, Legolas begged to be taken to his parents’ arms, and Galenrosiel complied, raising the baby from the cradle. Yawning, Legolas also greeted his father with a happy laugh, tugging Thranduil’s hair as the King bent down to kiss his youngest’s forehead.

Rafél watched the child fascinated, knowing that seeing an Elfling this young was a rare thing in this world. At the same time Legolas noticed the stranger in the room, and the blue eyes met the brown. Legolas went quiet, staring carefully at Rafél, as if deciding what to make out of this stranger. Thranduil used the moment for his advantage, releasing a stand of his hair from the child’s grasp.

Galenrosiel studied her child, a smile playing upon her lips. Then she turned to look at Rafél, taking a step forward. “Would you like to hold him? I have to make his bed, and make some food, for he will be hungry soon.”

Without waiting an answer, the mother placed the baby to Rafél’s arms, and after being sure that Legolas was safely in the other’s hands, she turned to her tasks. For a moment the warrior stood there, shock and wonder on his face. Then he looked down to the bright orbs called eyes, finding that he was not the only one in wonderment. Soon enough, Legolas smiled up at him, a small hand reaching up to clutch his tunic.

“He has a strong grip,” Thranduil commented, and Rafél glanced up to his King, having completely forgotten him. Thranduil smiled, staring at the two with amusement. “Well, I shall return to my duties, now that you are here for a while to help Galenrosiel.” The King walked to the door, pausing to say into Rafél’s ear: “I am sure she will let you go soon enough.”

Glancing down at the small being in his arm – which had by then found his pale hair to play with – Rafél wasn’t sure if he would be offended at all if he would be forced to stay a longer while.

to be continued…

Story Info
Tags: character: legolas, character: thranduil, fandom: the lord of the rings, series: the journey

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