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Promotion: heroes_bigboom 2009

With pride and honor I'm going to do my own share of promotion for the very first Big Boom I'm ever attending:


Useful links:
  • Writer Sign-up /rules
  • Artist Sign-up /rules
  • Prompts and bunnies on the loose
  • Promo banners &credits

  • In short, what is this all about? (I'll quote so I get it all right XD)
    Stories must have a minimum length of 10,000 words. There is no maximum length. If you're feeling it, you're welcome to go for the more traditional 20,000 words, and if you do, you get a special Big!BigBoom distinction.
    Stories may be gen, het, or (fem)slash.
    The central story element must focus on Heroes characters or actors from Heroes (if you are writing RPF). AUs and crossovers are permitted.
    You agree to create at least one piece of art, a vid, or a fanmix to accompany one of the Big Boom stories.
    Art can be of any type you wish: orginal illustration, cover art, photo manip, vid, set of icons, fanmix, and so on.
    Art or Vid can be of any rating you choose, provided that it is not more than one rating higher than your chosen fic.

    Go see the comm for further info, dates, and so on. Have fun ^^
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