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Random rant @self

Okay, so this is officially the end of the world as we know it. If you had told me a year ago that I would be making a Harry Potter icon, I would have laughed and been offended, almost.

It isn't funny anymore, though.

I blame it all on The Order of the Phoenix; it was a damn good movie in a series I don't have much passion for. And ever since I saw it twice, and decided to finally give Harry Potter an actual chance... it's been getting worse.

*screams silently*

Some things haven't changed; I still hate Harry as a character, most of the time. He's like this... Harry Sue. And I don't much care for Ron and Hermione, although Emma Watson is getting prettier and prettier each year... Of course, when Harry started to get angsty in the 5th movie, I had to like him a lot more, right?

Anyway, I'm really starting to like the world of Harry Potter. And I like the Weasley twins. And Sirius& Lupin (major canon-pairing there, really... OTP...). And the Malfoys (although Draco is made of stupid, and that's such a shame). And Snape; he is love - although at times also made of resentful stupid, no idea why... And as you can see from the icon, I think Luna is beyond cute! The way she talks, as if she's completely out of it somehow... but not. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.

Ok, so this post has no point, really... other than me berating myself for jumping to this wagon I swore I would avoid at all costs. (And okay, the first two books are pretty silly too. Loved the third - although it's far from perfect. Started the fourth a while ago... and am all hyped about the next movie hitting cinemas in a couple of months.)

Oh my god save me... why couldn't X-Men Origins: Wolverine be any better?! I would have much more preferred falling into an obsession with that fandom...again... *shakes head at self*

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