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Guardian; Chapter 3: Decision of Future

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Title: Guardian
Author: Del Rion (delrion.mail (at)
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
Era: Third Age of the Sun
Genre: Drama, Action/Adventure (“AU”)
Rating: T / FRT
Characters: Legolas, Thranduil (, OCs)
Summary: Soon after Legolas’ birth, there was a bodyguard chosen for him, as had been the custom in the royal family. But how was Rafél chosen to this task, and did he accept his new duty immediately and without hesitating? How did the young Prince of Mirkwood receive his guardian? And most of all, how did they befriend and grew inseparable…
Part of the history of “The Last Journey”. Complete.
Warnings: Violence, mentioning of death.

~ ~ ~

Chapter 3: Decision of Future

Thranduil stood in the hallway, his gaze resting upon the door of his rooms. Galenrosiel was inside there – with a dozen of healers – as well as their new-born son. Legolas, Thranduil reminded himself. He smiled tiredly, drawing a deep breath. He had stood here for a good time, waiting the healers do their task. His duties of the day were still undone, but he would see Galenrosiel before going to his study. Sighing, he leaned against the wall, his grey eyes never leaving the door.

“Adar…” came a hesitating voice beside Thranduil, and the King turned his head to look at the one speaking to him.

“Lossaurion, there you are,” Thranduil greeted. He nodded to Tirifëa standing beside Lossaurion.

“How is Naneth?” Lossaurion asked, his eyes darting to the closed door.

“We heard that the child was given birth in the woods,” Tirifëa added, concern in his voice.

“Your mother is fine – as well as your little brother.”

The expression on Tirifëa’s and Lossaurion’s faces was one of wonderment, and after a moment, the information sank in.

“A brother!” Lossaurion exclaimed.

Tirifëa smirked, shoving his brother with his elbow. “Yet another rascal to our household.”

Behind the two, both Aduifan and Mîrfanya tried not to laugh aloud. “Congratulations,” Aduifan said at length, stepping forward to clasp hands with the new father. Mîrfanya followed suit, his smile genuine.

“Thank you, my friends,” Thranduil said, smiling proudly to his long-time friends. Like Rafél, Aduifan and Mîrfanya had both accompanied him – and Oropher – for ages.

They all fell silent for a while, gazing at the door of Galenrosiel’s rooms. The Princes talked quietly with each other, their guardians a short distance away. At last one of the healers walked out of the room, his face glowing with joy. “My Lords, you may enter now, but do not weary Lady Galenrosiel too much: she is still weak of the birth.”

Thranduil felt like telling that his wife hadn’t been a bit weary even straight after the birth, but he left it unsaid, instead nodding and beckoning his sons to enter with him. The two followed him eagerly, slipping to the room swiftly, not wanting to waste another moment from seeing their youngest sibling. Thranduil stopped in the doorway, turning around to find the guardians of his sons still beside the wall. “Come,” he said softly, “you are part of the family, after all.”

Surprised by the invitation, Aduifan and Mîrfanya followed their King to the softly lit room. Tirifëa and Lossaurion had already reached their mother’s side and were seated carefully to the edges of the bed, their eyes resting upon the small figure in Galenrosiel’s arms. Thranduil circled to the side of the bed, Aduifan and Mîrfanya staying behind, standing on the foot of the bed.

“My dear,” Thranduil whispered softly, caressing the baby’s head carefully.

Galenrosiel smiled up at her husband, her eyes tired but happy. “He is so beautiful,” she finally whispered, cradling her baby closer.

“Indeed he is,” Tirifëa breathed, “our little star.”

“So, now you finally meet Legolas,” Thranduil smiled at his two older sons.

“Legolas,” Lossaurion echoed, gently caressing his younger brother’s small hand. “Mae govannen, Legolas,” he continued at last, smiling.

“Maybe we should leave the Queen for now,” Aduifan said tactically. He guessed that most likely Thranduil very much wanted to be alone with his wife.

With a last fond look at their young brother, the Princes left with their guardians. Thranduil, sighing contentedly, laid himself down beside his Queen, drawing her into his embrace. “I love you,” he whispered, leaning his forehead against hers.

“I love you, too, my Lord. But haven’t you got work to do?”

With a sigh, Thranduil got out of bed, throwing a regretful glance to his two most beloved ones. “You are right: I have work to do. But I will be back as soon as I can.”

“I know,” Galenrosiel smiled. “And do not hurry: I think both I and Legolas shall sleep long.”

With one final glance to the room, Thranduil entered the corridor, closing the door silently behind him. This would probably be his longest day in work ever.

- - -

Thranduil entered his rooms quietly, scanning through the space carefully. It was already late, and his rooms were filled with light made by several candles. Galenrosiel was walking across the room, humming quietly, Legolas in her arms. Thranduil approached them carefully, sliding his hands around her with care, not wishing to disturb the sleeping child.

Closing her eyes, Galenrosiel leaned into her husband’s embrace. “I have been thinking,” she said softly.

“Hmm,” Thranduil stated, not really listening.

“I have decided whom I shall ask to be Legolas’ guardian.”

Thranduil jerked awake from his dreamy thoughts, drawing slightly away from her. “What?”

Galenrosiel turned to meet his gaze, her own face serious. “I have decided whom I would ask to watch over Legolas. Of course we must still ask if he is willing.”

“And whom you have thought to this task?” Thranduil asked, intrigued. It is still early to think such a decision, but it seems that my wife had already set her mind about this, which means I have very little to say in the matter.

“Rafél.” Her answer was sure, her mind definitely set.

“Rafél?!” Thranduil exclaimed. “He is one of my best warriors, and most seasoned of all of them. I just cannot bind him to a task like this! He is needed elsewhere.”

“And what of our son? I would feel much more peaceful if I knew that Legolas is in capable hands. Rafél could keep him safe from the rising shadow of the south, and with no doubt he could teach Legolas much.”

“My answer is no. I need him as a warrior, not as a babysitter.”

In his mother’s arms, Legolas made a small sound, waking to his father’s raised voice. Blue eyes shone in the dimness of the room, gazing up to his parents. A small smile appeared to Legolas’ face as he noticed Thranduil, and small hands reached for the King.

Galenrosiel looked pleadingly at her husband. “Is this how much you love your youngest? You would give him to the care of someone less seasoned, and live in uncertainty that he may not return home someday. Legolas will grow, Thranduil, like Tirifëa and Lossaurion have grown: one day, Legolas will also be a warrior, fighting this darkness that tries to engulf us all. Would you not wish that he is then accompanied by one who can truly protect him?”

There was reason in Galenrosiel’s words. Thranduil knew it. “There are others…” he tried, even as he knew he was going to ask Rafél to this task.

Galenrosiel smiled at him, knowing he had decided. Content, she raised her arms, lifting Legolas to his father’s arms.

And as soon as Legolas settled in his father’s arms, Thranduil knew that he would do all in his power to protect this small being. “My son, you shall be protected – even if I would have to give dozen of my greatest warriors to do so.”

Legolas merely laughed softly, his fingers closing around a strand of his father’s hair. And as the baby was again asleep a few minutes later, he still clutched Thranduil’s hair in his small fingers.

to be continued…

Sindarin: - Westron:
Mae govannen- Well met

Story Info
Tags: character: legolas, character: thranduil, fandom: the lord of the rings, series: the journey

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