Del Rion (del_rion) wrote,
Del Rion

Achtung! As in, notice to the 30StM writers on my flist!

Attention wanted by the 30StM slash writers!

seasidh was earlier informed about her fics being on a Russian fan site, - without her permission. She has been digging around a little, and found out she isn't the only one - I am among the many authors on that site, and more are coming.

Basically, they have translated stories to Russian and posted them. Some credit more than others (as in, post a link to an LJ entry and so on).

Find a list in seasidh's entry here.

She is trying to get a word going to the moderators of the site, so in case you want your story down, leave her a note!

This is one of the biggest problems on the WWW, isn't it... I don't know how to feel about it as of yet (I know I didn't give permission to those people, but it isn't the end of the world, since they are crediting me... but asking would be nice! And we never get those comments, either, because there are those too!)

Thanks for seasidh in advance! *hugs*

EDIT: seems like I'm off the hook - going over old comments here on LJ, I noticed I did indeed give permission for translations! Good for them. But these are only the happy news. Some people haven't given the permission, and fan fiction or not, YOU own the stories. So... off to seasidh's journal you go.
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